A SportsLink Passport gives you access to all SportsLink leagues and activities.

The SportsLink Passport (formerly know as our Player's Card) is an annual membership that gives you access to all of our sports leagues. Members will also receive player perks like free parties, discounts on local events, and exclusive deals from our partners.


We updated the name of our Player's Card to "SL Passport" this year to highlight all of the additional benefits that a SportsLink membership offers, beyond access to our leagues and programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SL Passport?

The SL Passport is an annual SportsLink Membership that gives you access to all of our sports leagues and tournaments.

Members will also receive exclusive deals and discounts on social activities throughout the year in our monthly Player Perks Program.


Who needs a n SL Passport?

All players in SportsLink leagues and tournaments will need an active SL Passport to participate. 

Occasionally, SportsLink will offer a Day Pass, Guest Pass, or Season Pass for certain activities. Otherwise, players must purchase an annual pass.


How much does an SL Passport Cost?

You can purchase an annual SL Passport for $50.

How do you purchase an SL Passport?

You can purchase or renew your SL Passport through DaySmart Recreation, our league management system.

  1. Click the Login button at the top of our website.
  2. Sign into your DaySmart account or create a new account.
  3. Access the Membership section on your dashboard and select "Renew" or "Purchase".
    • On the desktop version of DaySmart, you will find Memberships on the bottom right sidebar of the dashboard.
    • On the mobile version of DaySmart, you will need to scroll down on the main dashboard to access Memberships.

Renew Players Card.

What is the Player Perks Program?

The Player Perks Program is available to everyone with an active SL Passport.

Every month, active members will receive an email with info about free activities, exclusive discounts on local events, and deals from our partners.